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Switch it on

by Hu Yoshida on Apr 21, 2009

During these days of tight IT budgets, CIO’s are looking for ways to increase the utilization of their existing storage assets and reduce operational costs. HDS is announcing a promotion today that will help to address these requirements. This promotion, which begins May 6 and runs through the end of this year, will provide free software licenses to “switch on” third party storage systems to the virtualization services in the USP V.

This offer provides four free licenses to help current and new USP V customers virtualize and leverage the services of the USP V across their existing third party storage assets.

1. Hitachi Basic Operating System V enables the connectivity and virtualization of third party storage systems with the USP V. This will reduce operating costs and increase utilization through the creation of a common managed pool of storage.

2. Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software with free capacity license for the first 10TB of internal or external storage provides the benefits of thin provisioning for better utilization of capacity, wide striping for performance, and dynamic provisioning for lower operational costs.

3. Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager capacity license for the auto migration of storage between tiers of internal and external storage.

4. Hitachi In System Replication capacity license for creating copies of internal or external volumes across internal and external storage systems.

All these license promotions are available to encourage customers to virtualize their non-Hitachi storage behind the USP V so that they can consolidate their storage management, increase utilization, and reduce the operational costs of moving, copying, and provisioning storage.

If you happen to have bought a DMX 4 or another vendor’s storage in the past year, and don’t have access to dynamic migration or dynamic provisioning for the next 2 to 4 years until your lease expires or you capitalize your recent purchase, you can attach it to a USP V without paying a license fee and enjoy these services as well as other services of the USP V right now.

Yes you will have to have a USP V to do this, but even if you have to buy a USP V controller the pay back will be more than offset by the savings in capacity and operational costs that virtualization and dynamic provisioning provides. The pay back could be almost immediate with dynamic or thin provisioning, and the return on your current assets will just increase over the years.

Check out the terms and conditions in this announcement letter and contact your HDS account representative or HDS reseller who can provide you with a quick assessment of the payback and return on asset with HDS tools and methodologies for storage economics.

No need to wait, switch it on now.

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