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Archive for April, 2009

At SNW, Computerworld surveys the audience intermittently using an electronic Audience Response Survey device. In between keynote sessions a question was posted on the screen with a short list of multiple choice answers and the audience was asked to select their response by clicking a button on their ARS device.  The answers were tabulated in [...]

In view of EMC’s  recent earnings report, Barry Burke, an EMC blogger also known as “the storage anarchist”,  posted an April Fools parody to deflect attention away from their earnings results and poke fun at an HDS promotion that any savvy storage customer would value.

During these days of tight IT budgets, CIO’s are looking for ways to increase the utilization of their existing storage assets and reduce operational costs. HDS is announcing a promotion today that will help to address these requirements. This promotion, which begins May 6 and runs through the end of this year, will provide free [...]

As defined by Chuck Hollis, “Frankenstorage appears to be — storage arrays, assembled from various parts from multiple vendors, brought to life by the magic of PowerPoint’s and press releases.”

EMC was very liberal with the V word during their announcement of the Symmetrix V-Max. They talked about virtual data centers and virtual servers, but the Symmetrix V-Max was just another big monolithic storage system. You can start with one V-Max engine with two directors and scale out to 8 V-Max engines with up to [...]

Yesterday I left the Rosen Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando where I had been attending SNW at 6:30 am to catch my flight back to San Jose via Dallas. I called my wife to let her know what time to expect me but I could not get through.  On my stop in Dallas, I called again to [...]

In times of economic down turns, many companies are cutting discretionary spending such as travel to events like Storage Networking World. If you are an IT person considering an acquisition of storage networking systems, you might want to consider the value that can come out of attending an event like SNW.

Face to Face at SNW

I arrived in Orlando this evening for SNW.  SNW provides a great opportunity for IT folks to see all the storage vendors in one place. It gives me the opportunity see customers, analysts, and partners as well as many of the storage blogger community. While email, phone, and web2.0 have made it easier to connect [...]

SNW is coming fast and we will have a lot of activity there. I hope to see you in Orlando at booth 201.

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