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Storage assets: Don’t sweat it, Enhance it

by Hu Yoshida on Mar 12, 2009

David West of Commvault posted a byline in Data Storage Protection entitled “Getting ready for the ripple effect.” In this article he talks about President Obama’s stimulus package of $787B and the ripple effect it will have on the data demands for storage once the recovery starts. In particular he mentions the $20B allocated to the digitization of medical records.

In 2008 the US spent 17% of its GDP on health care which is 4.3 times the amount spent on national defense according to the National Coalition on Health Care.

Yesterday I met with Andre Greyling, the CIO of Hospital Authority of Hong Kong where medical records are digitized. The health care costs in Hong Kong are only 5% of GDP and is one of the best in the world. While Hospital Authority is responsible for public health care they also make their patient records available to private health care providers. The use of technology and the openness of shared information make this low cost possible.

Digitization of medical records is a must for the US to reduce health care costs. However, as David points out, the ripple effect on storage can be staggering. While much of the digitizing is done in Hong Kong, the challenge now is to store all that data. Hospital Authority is already at 650TB and looking to grow to a petabyte as more medical imaging modalities come on line. Even in this economic down turn where budgets are under great pressure, the data continues to increase. To answer this challenge, Andre is  implementing storage virtualization and is planning to implement dynamic provisioning with the USP VM, the rack mounted version of the USP V. Instead of buying new storage capacity he is installing USP VM’s, without any internal disks, to virtualize and enhance his existing storage assets with the latest enterprise storage services like dynamic or thin provisioning and provide common management across his multi-vendor environment.

You hear people saying that they need to “sweat their assets” during this down turn. “Sweating your assets” may help you survive the downturn, but it can work against you when the recovery happens and you are caught short.

If you “enhance your assets” through virtualization and dynamic provisioning like Andre is doing, you can build the right framework to not only survive the downturn, but be in position to capitalize on the upturn.

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Comments (2 )

David West on 13 Mar 2009 at 6:05 pm

Thank you, Hu, for referencing my article. I was happy to share your perspective with my readers. I want to let you know that your readers also can view the article on my blog at http://news.commvault.com/DavidWest/000008_Getting_Ready_for_the_Ripple_Effect.asp

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