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Changes at Hitachi Data Systems

by Hu Yoshida on Mar 5, 2009

Yesterday we announced some changes to our executive leadership team. CEO Minoru Kosuge was promoted to Chairman of Hitachi Data Systems and Jack Domme our Chief Operating Officer was promoted to CEO. As you can imagine, we are very excited about this at HDS, as it is a reflection of our successful leadership during these difficult economic times. It also represents the growing importance of HDS to Hitachi Ltd. Success depends on execution and execution requires leadership.

Under the leadership of Kosuge-san and Jack, HDS has under gone a major transformation. Six years ago we were primarily a reseller of Hitachi storage technology. Today we have a closer integration with Hitachi Ltd. and have responsibility for design of storage management software as well as the development of file and content services and software, leveraging developers in Boston, Santa Clara, and San Diego as well as from Japan. Over 40% of our revenue is now software and services.

Kosuge-san is a 29 year veteran of Hitachi where he has held many executive and engineering positions in Hitachi and is best known for his leadership at the RAID Systems Division where he led the development of the USP storage virtualization platform.

Jack joined HDS in 2003 from Storage Network Inc, a dot-com storage services provider. At SNI he was responsible for their strategic software planning and development which was the perfect background for leading the transformation that was required for HDS.

Jack and Kosuge-san will continue to act as a team, but at a much higher level. This will help to increase our effectiveness in providing products and services to our customers and partners.

Please join me in congratulating Jack and Kosuge-san.

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