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Archive for March, 2009

George Crump and I are having a conversation about doing more with less, driving out cost while increasing efficiency through the use of virtualization. We agree for the most part except where I say that virtualization should be able to enhance commodity storage. He does not think that is important to the enterprise. As proof [...]

My last post on Storage Switzerland’s post on storage virtualization seemed to have generated some interest in the storage blogging community.  StorageBod focused on my comment that Storage virtualization with the USP V can enhance commodity storage with the enterprise functions of the USP V controller.  He comes to the conclusion that the USP V [...]

Modular storage systems were developed over twenty five years ago. They were developed as external storage for UNIX computer systems that used a simple SCSI, small computer storage interface for I/O processing. The disks were formatted in a Fixed Block Architecture. This was a departure from Mainframe storage systems of that day that used channel [...]

George Crump of Storage Switzerland posted “Your Storage Has To Do More With Less, Too” on InformationWeek’s Storage Blog. He made some excellent points about the need for storage virtualization but I think he missed one of the most important points – the ability for virtualization to enhance commodity storage.

It has often been difficult to find IT shops who accurately measure the improvements that they make in their shops due to the pressure of other demands. While this may make them seem more productive, it hampers their ability to quantify the improvements they have made and get credit for the monetary impact they have [...]

David West of Commvault posted a byline in Data Storage Protection entitled “Getting ready for the ripple effect.” In this article he talks about President Obama’s stimulus package of $787B and the ripple effect it will have on the data demands for storage once the recovery starts. In particular he mentions the $20B allocated to [...]

Yesterday we announced some changes to our executive leadership team. CEO Minoru Kosuge was promoted to Chairman of Hitachi Data Systems and Jack Domme our Chief Operating Officer was promoted to CEO. As you can imagine, we are very excited about this at HDS, as it is a reflection of our successful leadership during these [...]

If you have seen an IDC presentation on storage in the past few years you would have seen their chart on “Changing Enterprise Data Profile”. Here is a link to a public PDF copy that IDC presented at SNW in 2007. While many analysts have similar projections, this IDC chart is different in that it [...]

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