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Archive for January, 2009

Chris Evans posted a great blog about the problems of migration for large storage arrays that are getting larger. He calculated that it would take 6 months to migrate a 125TB array that is connected to 250 servers. This would require a weekly migration schedule of 5TB and 10 servers a week for one FTE [...]

I am often asked what trends I see for 2009. Here are my top ten. I would be interested in knowing what others have as their top ten for storage.

Stephen Foskett, aka Pack Rat, posed this question in his blog last month.  “Where will virtualization of the data center infrastructure take us?”   http://blog.fosketts.net/2008/12/14/virtualization-data-center-infrastructure/

Like many of you, I spent my Christmas and New Years holidays cleaning out my inbox and organizing my PST files and My Document folders. I’m starting out the New Year with a relatively clean inbox and an organized set of folders for 2009. Let’s see how long that lasts. It’s a lot easier since [...]

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