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Archive for October, 2008

With all that was happening at SNW, you may not have noticed our announcement of data at rest encryption for the USP V and USP VM. This encryption can be used to encrypt all internal disk drives, using AES-256, with no throughput or performance impact. In addition this implementation allows a very simple but safe [...]

Congratulations to the new board members and officers of SNIA. Wayne Adams of EMC is the new Chair and Vincent Franceschini is the new Vice Chair. Joining them are Phil Mills of IBM as Secretary, and Rob Pegler of Xiotech as Treasurer. Other members of the Board include: Eric Bart (Sun), Tom Clark (Brocade), Dave [...]

On Monday, Chuck Hollis of EMC had a little time on his hands so he spent a few hours composing a lengthy blog post describing what he considered to be a “non competitor bashing discussion” of Hitachi’s announcement of the AMS 2000 modular storage system. While he said that he was “underwhelmed” by this announcement [...]

The value of  modular storage is that it is modular, you build it out by adding drawers into a 19 “ rack frame, and it is low cost since it only has two controllers which act as a fail over for each other. But there are also disadvantages when compared to monolithic arrays that have [...]

Thank God it’s Friday and this bloody week is over. The stock markets all over the world suffered major losses. But as bad as the stock markets have been, the credit markets have collapsed and discount rates are have essentially disappeared. In order to stabilize the economy, governments are pouring money into the banking systems [...]

The $700 B bailout bill was passed by the U.S. congress but stocks continued to slide on Friday. It looks like we are headed for some bad times. Last Monday my mail box was flooded by analyst reports down grading most of the stocks of storage providers. The only exceptions were some companies that provide [...]

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