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Archive for September, 2008

A smooth transition

Last night I stopped at an ATM after work to withdraw money to take my wife to dinner. When I got back in the car and turned on the radio, I heard the news about Washington Mutual’s buy out by JPMC. It was a shock to me since I have been a long time customer [...]

Staying focused

It is hard to blog about technology when the business world is in such turmoil. We wish our friends well, and hope that the financial markets will stabilize soon and begin the road to recovery. In the mean time the retention of data becomes even more important for compliance and regulatory support even in the [...]

I was having dinner with a guest from Amsterdam who was not too familiar with Japanese food since he does not like to eat fish. He was doing well with chop sticks until the miso soup arrived. He looked at the soup for awhile then asked me how to eat the soup with chop sticks. [...]

We were presenting the benefits of Dynamic Provisioning to the architecture group of a very large company recently. The benefits include thin provisioning which eliminates the waste of allocated unused capacity, wide striping which can increase I/O performance by spreading the I/O across a large number of disks, and dynamic provisioning which enables the dynamic [...]

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