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SNIA Hall of Fame Contributors

by Hu Yoshida on Aug 1, 2008

Congratulations to SNIA on their 10th Anniversary and to Vincent Franceschini of HDS and Larry Krantz of EMC who have just been chosen to join SNIA’s Hall of Fame Contributors. Larry is a past Chairman of the Board for SNIA, and Vincent is the current Chairman of the Board. Both of them made major contributions towards the success of SNIA through their leadership during important growth periods in the storage networking industry. They join other Hall of Fame Contributors, Mike Dutch, Paul Massiglia, Roger Reich, John Tyrrell, and John Wilkes.  Above and beyond their day jobs, they contributed their time and talents to achieve the goals of SNIA which benefits us all as we work in an increasingly networked world.

The Storage Network Industry Association grew out of the early interactions between vendors who suddenly found themselves connected to each other in this new thing called a Storage Area Network. Up until then storage was direct attached and everything was proprietary. Now all of a sudden we were attached together in a network with other storage vendors and new vendors that built the switches and host bus adapters. Server vendors no longer had a lock on storage and now many new storage hardware and software vendors were able to able to bring new solutions to the market.

It became quickly apparent that when the network was down, all the vendors had to be involved in resolving the problem. Interoperability had to be worked out, interfaces had to be defined, and cooperative support agreements had to be in place. These were the early problems that SNIA had to address. Without that work in SNIA, we would not have the SAN’s we have today. It also makes it possible to move to the next step which is virtualization of heterogeneous storage systems.

The success of Storage Area Networks and Storage virtualization depends on the work of SNIA and SNIA depends on the support of volunteer, individuals, like the Hall of Fame Contributors.  You can read their profiles in the link above.

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Comments (1)

Mike Dutch on 04 Aug 2008 at 9:51 am

Thanks Hu. As I recall, you were the one that invited me to my first SNIA meeting… good call ;-) Mike

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