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Archive for June, 2008

Last week in Orlando, Andy Kyte, Gartner Research Fellow was quoted as saying: ‘”IT modernization is the escape route from the accidental architecture of 20th century IT. Every company is dealing with the history of IT. Some fundamental change is needed. I don’t think we can carry on the bad habits and siloed decisions of [...]

IDC published a report this month entitled, “The real Costs to Power and Cool All the World’s External Storage”.  It’s a good report which I would encourage you to get for an understanding of the relationships between, capacity, performance, power, cooling, and cost. IDC has been able to extract their findings from their comprehensive collection [...]

I will be speaking at the Virtualization/SOA World Conference and Expo in New York City on June 23-24. Virtualization and SOA are two of the hottest technologies that are combined at this one conference. My session will be Storage Virtualization, the Key to Unlocking Tomorrows Data center. You can checkout the link above to see [...]

In Open systems, application users must preallocate the storage capacity that they need before they begin to write to storage, and they must request enough storage capacity so that their application does not run out of capacity in the middle of a peak processing period. Since there is no accurate way to predict how much capacity they will [...]

Network world published an article on June 5th 2008, with the title: Which Virtualization technologies are ripe: Forrester’s take.  “According to Forrester, as of Q2 2008, server and client virtualization is mature enough to pay off in the short term, but storage virtualization-particularly application storage-is “not very advanced” and doesn’t yet offer much payback.” According [...]

Safe multi-tenancy, is a term that few people seem to understand. I was observing a focus session recently, and when that term was used, no one in the four sessions that I observed seemed to know what it meant. 

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