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Archive for May, 2008

This is an old advertisement for the anchor Buggy Company which shows a picture of a young lady and an old lady. I would guess that most of you would see the young lady and wonder where the old lady is. Most of you have probably seen the W. C. Hill version of this during [...]

Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, HDP, has been enhanced today to support Synchronous (TrueCopy) and Asynchronous (HUR) remote replication. Now we can replicate thin provisioned volumes to thin provisioned volumes, on any virtualized storage device to any virtualized storage device. What does this all mean? Open systems users must reserve capacity for a volume before they can [...]

I was invited to participate in the New Jersey Digital Government Summit in Trenton, New Jersey, on May 8.  One of the most interesting sessions was titled: Situation Room: Hurricane hits New Jersey! This was chaired by Jack Mortimer of Government Technology magazine, and participants were Gloria Broeker, Statewide Disaster Recovery Planning Officer for IT, [...]

How do you buy a storage system? Not too many years ago you probably bought a fully configured, storage system, and depreciated it over 3 years. You only needed less than a third of the capacity when you bought it, but capacity was cheap and you figured that your workload would increase and you would [...]

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