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Archive for April, 2008

Unlike other thin provisioning solutions, HDP, or Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, supports other vendor’s storage that are attached, or virtualized, behind the USP V or VM. Since it is provided as a service on the USP V/VM, it can aggregate thin provisioning with other common storage services provided on this platform. This Services Oriented Approach to HDP not only provides [...]

Since I posted my blog this morning on Earth Day, EPA and PUE. I received some pictures of the Green data center that Hitach is building in Yokohama. You can check them out on flickr. This should be on line by April 2009 and is targeted for a Power Usage Efficiency of 1.6 which will be [...]

Earth Day 2008 will be celebrated on April 22 with observations scheduled around the world. This year’s theme is “A Call for Climate” a global warming action theme. While there may still be skeptics about global warning, there is no disputing the rising cost of energy, as I fill my Prius with $3.89 per gallon gas [...]

This was the title of a panel that was held last week at SNW in Orlando. It was moderated by Ron Milton of Computer World and on the panel was Mark Showers the CIO of Monsanto, Mark O’Gara Vice President of Infrastructure Management at Highmark, Andrew Fanara, team leader of the EPA Energy Star Product [...]

There are multiple dimensions to Hitachi’s implementation of dynamic provisioning. Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, HDP, is software that runs on the USP V and USP VM storage Controllers and provides the ability to dynamically provision storage as it is required from a pool of storage that is wide striped across any number of logical devices or RAID [...]

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