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Archive for March, 2008

Today, March 29 is Earth Hour Day, where we will all be encouraged to turn off our lights and non essential appliances from 8pm to 9pm to promote conservation. The World Wildlife foundation launched the idea last year in Australia and it has now gone international.  

Information is like beauty, in that it is in the eye of the beholder.  The same piece of data may have different value or meaning to different people who view it or when viewed in relation to other data. While HDS is in the business of providing infrastructure to store, access, and preserve data there [...]

Edwin Lim, our country manager for Indonesia, hosted a very successful user conference in Jakarta. Prior to the conference, I was invited to participate on a panel with David Schmeichel of Brocade, and Harry Gumelar of the Tax Authority, who had installed a USP V for their new efiling application. The theme of the panel [...]

The increasing explosion of data is driving the need to reduce what we store, not only to reduce the capital cost for storage capacity but also to reduce the operational costs of managing an ever increasing amount of data. 

Last month, I spent some time with David Russell, a Gartner Research Vice President for Storage Technologies and Strategy. One of the storage technologies that David is very bullish on is de-duplication. David feels that de-duplication answers a pressing need for managing backup and recovery, and can deliver immediate cost benefits, by reducing the amount of [...]

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