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Archive for February, 2008

Last week February 20 to 21, I attended Hitachi’s Inspire Life Conference in London. This event show cased all the Hitachi companies from Air Conditioning and Refrigeration to Transport Systems spread across 7 floor of the QE2 Conference Center. The Transport System’s Rail Group had recently won the contract for a hybrid diesel train system [...]

As we go into year 2008, this quotation from Yogi Berra, keeps playing in my head. 2008 is beginning a lot like 2001. If you remember 2001 we just came off a year where storage capacity grew by 100% over the growth in 1999. This growth was due to the dot com boom and the [...]

Back in the early days of storage virtualization, the Storage Network Industry Association, SNIA, defined virtualization as:

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Hu Yoshida
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