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Archive for November, 2007

Virtualization 2.0

I was recently on CIO Talk Radio with Sanjog Aul our host, Jeff Nick of EMC, John Webster of Illluminata, and Phil Edholm of Nortel Networks when the subject of Virtualization 2.0 came up. Virtualization 2.0 was introduced by IDC at  their Virtualization Forum in  February 2007. In October 2007 Gartner included Virtualization 2.0 in their [...]

I saw the following article on the Computerworld blog site for storage entitled, “Vendor claims about storage virtualization flawed”. This was an interview with Dr. Kevin McIsaac, of Intelligent Business Research Services Pty in Australia. It was a brilliant article and one that I could not agree with more.

In September of this year Hitachi ltd, our parent company announced a program in Japan that is known as CoolCenter50 which is targeted at reducing power consumption in their Yokohama and Okayama data center by 50% in 5 years. This effort encompasses all of the groups in Hitachi including, air conditioning, power generation, IT equipment [...]

This Monday, Hitachi announced the availability of Dynamic Provisioning also known as thin provisioning as a service for heterogeneous storage systems that are attached to the USP V and USPVM.  This means that enterprises can now deploy thin provisioning to any system that attaches to the USP V platform. No need to wait for EMC [...]

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