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Archive for September, 2007

After our recent Power Savings Services announcement, James Rogers a Byte and Switch blogger posted the following, HDS’s MAID Mystery, in which he said that this sounds “suspiciously like MAID technology”. This is not MAID technology,  in fact it can be considered the opposite of MAID Technology, so I posted the following comment on his blog, which I [...]

Today, Hitachi Data Systems announced a new Power Savings Services feature for the AMS and WMS modular storage families. This Power Savings feature allows customers to power down RAID group volumes when not being accessed by a business application. These volumes can be quickly powered back up again when required. This feature should appeal to [...]

IT has traditionally operated in stove pipes. These stove pipes operate separately and each consists of a group of applications that are assigned to run on a host server that in turn is connected to a set of storage devices. This stove pipe approach results in the inefficient use of IT resources. Applications have to rewrite [...]

Last week I talked about the differences between enterprise and modular storage from an architecture standpoint. Enterprise storage systems have many storage port processors that share a large global cache so that the application can continue operation if one of the processors has a planned or unplanned outage. The large cache and large number of [...]

For the past twenty years or so, there have been two basic types of external storage controllers, enterprise and modular. Basic Storage controllers provide the processing power to drive the port connections to the host servers, stage and destage data into cache to virtualize and minimize the physical latencies of rotating disk, provide the RAID [...]

Eric Hibbard, the plain speaking Chair of the SNIA Security Technical Work Group, often says that Virtualization is about lying and security is about understanding the truth. I prefer to say that virtualization simplifies management and improves efficiency by masking the underlying physical complexity.

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