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Archive for August, 2007

While the cost of storage capacity is declining every year the capital and operational expense of storage is increasing every year. Some of that expense is because of the increasing demand for retention of data, but I believe that a good deal of the increase is due to the proliferation of niche storage solutions.  These [...]

Open Systems Guy, a new storage blog, posed the following question after my post on Correcting PCSE Waste

Last week I was talking to Mike Brown about the requirement for logically partitioning in virtual storage in order to ensure safe multi-tenancy and Quality of Service for multiple users who share the same virtual storage pool. Without it, users would not be able to ensure the security and performance of their data storage. Mike [...]

The Enterprise Strategy Group published a new white paper on Power, Cooling, Space Efficient Storage, in which they introduced the acronym, PCSE, for Power Cooling, Space Efficiency, and identified 11 storage technologies that could raise the PCSE for storage. These technologies included:

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