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Archive for July, 2007

When I landed at Heathrow it was raining. It has been raining for most of June and now July. I checked in to the Christopher Wren hotel in Windsor which backs up to the River Thames and I could see the river was already swollen. That evening the TV news was all about the flooding [...]

One of the charts in EMC’s recent DMX 4 announcement was entitled, “Energy Efficient Storage Design”. This chart showed the kWh/yr energy consumed by different types of disk drives for a total capacity of 750GB.

In the last few posts, I have been describing the elements of Capital expense or CAPEX, and how new technologies like control unit virtualization and thin provisioning can address these expenses.

In my last post I talked about where all our storage is going and developed the following chart.

No matter how much storage capacity you buy it never seems to be enough. Jon Toigo did a presentation several years ago in which he described storage as being over subscribed and under utilized. He developed a chart of storage utilization which I have taken and modified slightly, but it is essentially the same as [...]

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