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Archive for June, 2007

While waiting for my flight in the airline lounge in Beijing, I noticed a TV program that was running on one of the state run channels. On the HDTV screen was a young lady who was standing in front of a large flat panel monitor that must have been over 100 inches. It was a [...]

The other day I heard a speaker talk about having a terabyte of storage in his home. He talked about all the technology he had, PCs, iPods, Tivos, game boxes, and how that required storage. He even went so far as to suggest that we would need a centralized storage unit in our homes.

Industry analysts like IDC say that data and storage is growing at about 60% per year. While that is challenging enough, we expect to see a new wave of data requirements that will dwarf the capacity requirements that we see today. That growth will be driven by unstructured data.

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Hu Yoshida
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