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Archive for May, 2007

Thin and Wide

By now there have been a number of good articles and blog posts that help explain the concept of thin provisioning. Some of the better ones have been posted by Tony Asaro and Marc Farley.

Since Hitachi announced the new USP V with Dynamic Provisioning last Monday, there has been a lot of buzz about the dynamic or “thin provisioning” capabilities of this platform. Popular blogs like RupturedMonkey have had some interesting discussions about this, and other vendors have been rushing to publicizing their thin provisioning capabilities, or announcing their intent to [...]

Today, Hitachi and Hitachi Data Systems announced the new Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V, which will take us to new levels of virtualization, performance, scalability, and delivery of storage as a service.

I appreciate the post that Mark Lewis made on The Virtualization Principle since it finally gives me the opportunity to understand his thoughts around storage virtualization.

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