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Archive for April, 2007

Last week Beth Pariseau, News Writer for SeachStorage.com, published an interview with Jay Kidd of NetApp, with the title: “NetApp VP says storage virtualization over rated.”

Fibre Channel, Storage Area Networks were introduced in the late 1990’s to eliminate the islands of direct attached storage. It promised to consolidate storage and centralize management of storage and data resources.  The assumption was that this consolidation and centralization would lead to better utilization of storage capacity which was then about 20 to 30%. [...]

Acronyms are so prolific in the IT industry; it often leads to misunderstanding or misinformation.  I recently talked to an analyst who categorized our Hitachi Content Archive Plat form with CAS, which is another vendor’s product. If an industry analyst could be confused than I thought I should post a blog to clarify the difference [...]

I spoke at a SUN storage event in Burlington last week and had a chance to compare notes with Randy Chalfant, a CTO at SUN. Randy spends a lot of his time with customers analyzing storage requirements. He confirmed that utilization of storage for open systems today is only about 30% as I posted in [...]

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