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Archive for March, 2007

When you try to explain a concept to another person who is not a native speaker of your language, in my case American English, it often helps to clarify your own thinking. Last week I was interviewed by a reporter from Taiwan who wanted to know why HDS has not endorsed ILM, Information Life Cycle [...]

IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker report of February 2007 showed that volume systems (blade servers) sales has continued to decline over the past year. IDC believes this is caused by the industry ‘s aggressive movement to simplify and optimize their server infrastructure through the use of server virtualization.

Jack Harker

Thanks to John Harker, I was able to meet Jack Harker, one of the major contributors to the development of magnetic disk storage. John Harker works at HDS as a Product Marketing Manager for storage management software. His father, Jack Harker was a member of the original IBM engineering team that developed the first magnetic [...]

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