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Archive for January, 2007

Snow was gently falling as Ole Nielsen, Susan Sjoelander, and I walked from the parking lot into the offices of KMD in Copenhagen. The calm that greeted us was in sharp contrast to the last hectic week of  December when KMD accomplished what some would call the greatest data and application migration in the history [...]

IDC is projecting a 60% compounded growth rate for storage capacity through this decade. This growth is complicated by the increasing diversity in the types of storage that is being offered to store different types of data and data uses. Different storage products have been developed to address, block, file, content, archive, and virtual tape libraries making it difficult [...]

Moore’s law is based on the observation that chip components , and consequently,  compute power,  has been doubling in density every 18 months. The benefit of this has been faster, lower cost, compute power.  One of the negative consequences of this increase in components and compute power, is the increasing requirement for electrical power and [...]

Do you remember what life was like twenty years ago? Some of you who are younger may have been sitting in front of your TV playing Super Mario. Those of you who were working in IT at that time were probably working with IBM Mainframe systems. A few of you were working on those new [...]

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