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by Hu Yoshida on Dec 16, 2006

“Guru” is a term of respect, very much like “Sensei”, for a wise and honored teacher. Gurumurthy Iyer has the distinguished look and demeanor of a Guru, but he is also a hands on engineer. Mr. Iyer is the Senior Director of IS&T and Facilities at the Bangalore division of i2 in India. I recently had the pleasure of conversing with him at a CIO summit in Phuket. 

He said his biggest storage concerns were low utilization of resources and power consumption. He was very pleased with the virtualization capabilities of our USP storage system. Two years ago, he did a migration from a modular 9200 to an enterprise 9980V and a modular 9575. This took 5 people from the US, (three i2 and two HDS) and two weeks to do the migration of about 20TB and 30 applications. This year he migrated the 9980V to a USP with an externally attached modular 9585 and a modular AMS storage system with no additional help and only a few hours to set up the connections. With the virtualization capabilities of the USP he migrated about twice the amount of capacity and twice the number of applications with little extra effort. Now he can easily move data across tiers of storage and better utilize his storage capacity without disruption to his application. Consolidation of storage has also helped to reduce the need for power and cooling as far as the storage is concerned. Moving to a new technology like virtualization can be daunting, especially where is a lot of industry hype around different solutions. Mr Iyer understands technology and after hands on evaluation chose the USP virtualization solution to address his utilization and power consumption concerns.
Another Guru is Jeremiah Owyang. Although he looks young, the minute you engage him in conversation, you know you are conversing with a Guru.  As many of you know, Jeremiah Owyang, has been my friend and blogging Guru at HDS. Jeremiah has decided to move on and follow his passion in the social networking world. It is rare to find some one so aware and knowledgeable at such a young age. When I first met him about a year ago, I knew he would be moving on to greater things. Jeremiah has joined the Scobilizer at PodTech where he will take on a broader role and become a greater influence in the world of social networks. Although he no longer works for HDS, we continue to communicate,. I still get the occaisional email at 3:00 am that offers insights and suggestions to improve my postings. We at HDS thank Jeremiah for all his contributions to our marketing efforts and wish him the best. I personally thank Jeremiah for being a friend and mentor.  


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Comments (3 )

Jeremiah Owyang on 16 Dec 2006 at 8:49 am


It has been my privilege to work at HDS for over 3 years, and most importantly, bringing the company closer to customers using the web.

I’m not too far, just a few miles up in Palo Alto, and even closer on the ‘network’.

Thank you for reaching out to customers using these simple online tools, staying committed week after week, and putting a human face on the company. I’ve heard from Customers, Competitors, Employees, Partners, CEOs of other companies, that you’ve really communicated in a fantastic and amazing way to the whole world.

[...] Hu Yoshida (CTO of Hitachi Data Systems) honors me with this tremendous post. We as a team worked together to reach out to customers using Social Media. Hu Yoshida has humanized a monolithic storage vendor, and reaches out to customers, and partners using his blogs. Unlike some of the other vendor blogs, the comments on the HDS blogs are wide open. As long as they are on topic (much like Scoble and Shel’s family room rules) they will be posted. [...]

[...] I sure haven’t figured out how to respond to criticism. I’ve made my worst mistakes when I don’t listen to it, though, and understand it.  This post is prompted by Ewan Mcintosh’s post about Loic Lemur and the big blowup this week at Le Web conference. Ewan writes an excellent blog about how he’s using social media in Scottish schools. [...]

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