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Archive for December, 2006

I recently saw an article by Beth Pariseau about reasons why people are not buying deduplication products. The main reason given was the slow speed of backup compared to non deduplication VTL solutions. Compared to tape libraries and VTLs which top out around 500MB/s, the Diligent ProtecTier solution is cited at 220 MB/s. While that [...]

Deni OConnor of Network World published a list of top 10 storage network blogs. In his view these were the best of the storage industry vendor and Industry Analyst blogs. Thank you Deni and Network World for including me on this list but I think it is important to include the community of data storage bloggers [...]


“Guru” is a term of respect, very much like “Sensei”, for a wise and honored teacher. Gurumurthy Iyer has the distinguished look and demeanor of a Guru, but he is also a hands on engineer. Mr. Iyer is the Senior Director of IS&T and Facilities at the Bangalore division of i2 in India. I recently [...]

Dave Roberson our CEO hosted a wine tasting event in San Francisco last night for the new “web 2.0” companies in our area. We were interested in meeting the people behind the Web pages, to understand their business models and their storage requirements.

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