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Archive for November, 2006

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Pucciarelli of IDC.  He had some interesting insights on IT budgets. From his data points he believed that IT administrators had set aside some reserves at the beginning of the year in anticipation of rising utility rates for power and cooling in the data center. Those increases did [...]

Data Deduplication was one of the hot topics at SNW last month.  Deduplication is a commonality factoring approach that eliminates duplicate data in a data stream. It is particularly effective for backup data due to the many copies that are made of the same data. It is typical to take a weekly full with daily [...]

In our day to day pursuit of business objectives, we often forget that there is a more earnest pursuit going on where results are more about life and death. I was fortunate to be in Washington DC this weekend to be a part of the ceremonies around the dedication of the National Marine Corps Museum which [...]

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