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Archive for October, 2006

The Storage Network Industry association released the names of the new members of their Board of Directors at the Storage Networking World conference which is taking place this week in Orlando, Florida.

Invisible Cloak

I am in the UK this week with free time to watch the telly. Here there are TV news casts that read the newspaper to you on TV. One item that caught my attention was a news story in The Times (October 20) that talked about “A real invisibility cloak? Wizard!”

StorageMojo’s comment on "The Capacity Illusion"  points out that RAID was developed 20 years ago when "capacity was expensive and I/Os were relatively cheap…. Now the world is different and capacity is cheap and I/Os are expensive", he submits that "if Patterson et al. were designing a fast, very big, very reliable drive today, it [...]

The Capacity Illusion

Storagemojo by Robin Harris is a blog I always find interesting since he draws a lot of discussion. His recent post on Utilization versus cost: the capacity illusion was a comment on two of my posts about the low cost of storage which enable Web 2.0 companies to offer free storage to their subscribers while [...]

I was happy to see Mark Lewis join the blogosphere last month. Mark has made a major impact on the direction that EMC has taken over the past 4 years. Coming from outside, Hewlett-Packard/Compaq, he is considered to be the new guard in EMC. He is writing his own blog, representing his own thoughts and [...]

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