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Lunch 2.0 “Web Expo”

by Hu Yoshida on Aug 22, 2006

Save the date, Sept 12, to attend a Lunch 2.0 "Web Expo", which will show case web companies which store a lot of data. This event will be held at the Hitachi Data Systems Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara. The event is free to all attendees and exhibitors. If you want to sign up send an email to jeremiah_owyang@yahoo.com and describe your website and what your company does.

Lunch and learn and meet the new power base!

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Comments (3 )

Jeremiah Owyang on 22 Aug 2006 at 9:42 am

Many of the companies that will be in the showcase ‘Web Expo’ maintain websites where the users (perhaps Producers is a better term) upload images, audio, video.

They then share it with others (social sites) and sometimes create new forms of content (mashups)

The need for a Data Storage Strategy is important for these companies. It’ll be a learning opportunity for both the web companies, as well as for us. I’ll be capturing the event online, and will share with all.

And agreed, power has shifted to the participants.

Jeremiah Owyang on 31 Aug 2006 at 4:22 am

Anil will be visiting us at HDS, but will miss the event by one day, he writes the following:


Jeremiah Owyang on 15 Sep 2006 at 8:22 am


Wow, last Tuesday was amazing! Thank you for attending the event, I believe it to have been a great learning experience for the Web Industry, Hitachi Data Systems, and all the guests.

On more than one occasion, guests told me they were very pleased to have met the CTO of Hitachi Data Systems, impressed by your knowledge and interest in these emerging data intensive companies.

The summary of the event is located at:


I’m being asked to host the event again, and a few of the guests are wanting to further conversations about Data Storage!

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