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Welcome Dell to the blogosphere

by Hu Yoshida on Jul 11, 2006

We want to welcome Dell to the list of corporate bloggers. They just posted their first blog this week as a means of communicating with their users. It is at one2one.dell.com. Forrest Norrod, thier VP of Engineering is one of the bloggers. This is another vendor like HDS, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, and SUN that has opened direct communication with end users, to better understand and support the market place and its requirements. Jeremiah Owyang has also added Dell’s blog to the storage bloggers wiki to ensure that they are part of the storage conversation on the net.

Check it out.

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Comments (1)

Jeremiah Owyang on 13 Jul 2006 at 12:46 am

They’re getting quite a response –both contraversial as well as positive. I even see
Mario Apicella’s left some comments in there and given some solid advice on focus. It would be interesting to have a section focused on server/storage.

Quite a few other well known bloggers are leaving comments at the most recent post.


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