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Archive for July, 2006

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Since I began blogging, I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new people. Blogging has opened up a lot of new avenues for communications. However, blogging is limited in that the topics originate from me or input that I receive, and the topics are rather high level. We really want to hear [...]

I spent the after noon sitting in a dark room with all the shades and shutters drawn, trying to preserve what ever cool was left after the electricity went out ending my air conditioned life. In Morgan Hill the temperature was 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Overloaded transformers blew out and much of the town has been [...]

How Low Can We Go?

David Merril posted an excellent blog on perpendicular recording in which he raised the warning that Moore’s Law, in regards to the declining cost of magnetic disk capacity, may begin to slow if manufacturers have to retool to deliver new technologies or the rate of density increases start to stall. Fortunately, the manufacturing process for [...]

Awhile back I posted a blog, Data Replication: When push comes to pull, where I described our Hitachi Universal Replicator, as a pull technology for asynchronous replication. With HUR the remote site USP pulls data from the production site USP based on a time stamped journal. The benefit being the reduction of resource consumption at [...]

We want to welcome Dell to the list of corporate bloggers. They just posted their first blog this week as a means of communicating with their users. It is at one2one.dell.com. Forrest Norrod, thier VP of Engineering is one of the bloggers. This is another vendor like HDS, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, and SUN that has [...]

Today HDS is announcing a global reseller relationship with the premier VTL vendor, Diligent. Diligent and HDS have been working together for several years now in services engagements and have developed a relationship which we are taking to the next step where we will sell and support the Diligent products as part of our integrated [...]

The primary value of storage controller based virtualization will come from the ability to move data across tiers of storage without disruption to the application. Virtualization will help you, non disruptively, migrate all those terabytes of storage you bought today to the next generation of storage when their lease expires or you need a technology [...]

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