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Archive for June, 2006

Marketing People in this industry love to create new acronyms like RAID, MAID, RAIN, SAN, etc. Not to be out done our marketing have come up with SAIN. Bear with me while I give you their interpretation of this acronym.

I had another great conversation with Jon Toigo last Friday about Records Management and active archives. Jon, who is always quick to spot new trends, described RIM, Records and Information Managers, as the new rock stars for IT. After the Enron – Arther Anderson debacle, many IT shops, with help from friendly vendors, adopted the [...]

While I was out of the country for the past two weeks a revolutionary phenomenon occurred on US television. It was the finale of the American Idol TV program. For those who have not heard about this program, it is the most popular reality show in the US. Auditions are held through out the country [...]

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