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Ho Chi Minh OutLoud Storage Conference

by Hu Yoshida on May 13, 2006

Last week I was invited to participate in the HDS South East Asia, Out Loud Storage Conference. I was especially excited to do this since it was in Ho Chi Minh City, which I last saw 40 years ago as Saigon, under extremely different circumstances. Out Loud is a conference which is designed to create an interactive forum with customers, prospects, partners and press around storage industry issues, directions, and best practices. We had representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,and Vietnam. While these are some of the smaller countries, there is no lag in terms of implementing new storage solutions to current business requirements.

Aside from myself and Don McNicol from Corporate, all the other speakers at this event were people who live and work in this part of Asia. There was no need to fly a lot of “experts” in from the States, since this conference was really about what is happening in the South East Asia storage market. Don and I were primarily there to listen.

After spending a few days with these customers and partners, I came away with two main impressions. The first was a real focus on alignment between business and IT, and real progress toward that alignment through the use of virtualization and replication technologies.

Mohammud Affendi of Indosat, a leading telecom service provider in Indonesia, started his presentation with a description of his companies business direction. To be customer centric, provide service bundling, grow corporate customers, minimize revenue leakage, reduce operating cost, and decentralize business operation and P&L. From there he described the IT strategies to support these directions, and the capabilities needed to achieve them. A key initiative was storage consolidation built on tiered storage through virtualization and remote Copy of two data centers to a third DR site. One of his macro drivers was the merger of three companies; Indosat with Satelindo and IM3.

Ee Choon Huang, from Singapore Health Services, described how they undertook a major storage systems overhaul to enable seamless, reliable 24 hour access to Electronic Medical Records and Digital X-ray images through Virtualised Tiered Storage. This operational improvement has brought about greater convenience to more than a thousand SingHealth doctors and most importantly, improved services for all the patients in Singapore. By aligning their IT systems to their business strategy, SingHealth is making leaps and bounds towards its vision of becoming the patient-centric “ Digital Health Ecosystem” in Singapore and the region.

Through our McData partner, I learned about a joint McData/Sun/HDS customer doing True Copy replication between Singapore and France. So while South East Asia is a relatively small market the challenges remain the same as in larger geographies due to globalization, and the business solutions here are as leading edge if not more so.

I was impressed with the free and open discussions that were enabled by this “OutLoud” venue. When a prospective customer asked me about HDS reliability and availability at a pool side buffet, I was able to introduce him to Rohadi Triatmono, a Senior IT Researcher at Bank of Indonesia, who shared his experiences. There is no one better to ask about this subject than a person who stakes his job on the availability of a central banking system.

I even met a fellow blogger, Victoria Ho, who is a staff writer for CIO Asia. While her blog is a personal blog, it gives a human view of a young person who is living and reporting on the business world of IT in a very exciting part of this world.

I’d like to thank Brian Fan for organizing this event and inviting me to be a participant.
Besides this event, it gave me the opportunity to visit the under ground tunnels at Cu Chi, to see how the other side lived during my last visit to Vietnam.

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Comments (2 )

Goorsha on 15 May 2006 at 7:14 am

This is a timely post.

Online backup has been an every day phrase recently and several companies have entered this market.

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Jeremiah Owyang on 16 May 2006 at 4:01 pm


Danny Lim has written about your recent visit to Vietnam, link here:


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