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Archive for May, 2006

Storage in Moscow

I visited Moscow to help our team celebrate the successful end of our fiscal year and recognize the partners who contributed significantly to that success. Jet Infosystems received the most awards. My host Sergei Karpov, the country Manager, was promoted on the basis of this success and the growing importance of the Russian market.

I have been travelling through Central and Eastern Europe. I had the opportunity to speak at the IDC Storage Roadshow in Zagreb. There were well over 200 people in attendance, which shows the growing importance of storage in the emerging econommies of CEE. I was hosted by Ante Baric, Boris Maravic, and Kresimir Bradic, of [...]

Our Blog Guru, Jeremiah Owyang, created a “Wiki”, an industry wide collaborative tool called the Data Storage Industry.  This is a tool that anyone can edit (although he will manage it as needed). It currently links to  various industry resources such as forums, blogs, educational resources, and even career information.  Check it out.

Last week I was invited to participate in the HDS South East Asia, Out Loud Storage Conference. I was especially excited to do this since it was in Ho Chi Minh City, which I last saw 40 years ago as Saigon, under extremely different circumstances. Out Loud is a conference which is designed to create [...]

I recently attended an interesting CIO Panel at the Churchill Club in San Francisco. It was a Blue Ribbon panel with CIOs from Bechtel Group – Thor Geir Ramleth, Intel – John Johnson, McKesson – Randall Spratt, and Yahoo – Lars Rabbe. The Moderator was Dave Margulius and the title of the panel was Building [...]

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