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Archive for April, 2006

I came across a post on the RupturedMonkey blog, which is documenting a customer’s experience in installing our USP with virtualization and migration of a CX600 to an AMS200, using Tiered Storage Manager. He has also employed Logical Partitioning for mainframe and open systems use.

I find that many people are confused about the value of virtual ports and host storage domains in HDS storage control units. This feature enables the attachment of 1024 heterogeneous  FC host ports to one physical storage port on the USP or NSC control unit. (This feature is also available on our AMS and WMS [...]

During the CTO panel At SNW three weeks ago, I was asked by Geoffrey Moore, why HDS was not a part of Aperi, the open source initiative that IBM is proposing for Storage Area Management.

I would like to welcome David Merrill to our storage blogging community. When I talk with IT customers, a frequent concern is the topic of storage economics, bridging the gap between technology and economics. David is a storage economics expert who is passionate about helping IT professionals learn the language and principals of money and [...]

An April 6 article on SearchDataCenter.com by Rick Cook introduced several misunderstandings about controller based virtualization which I would like to correct.In this article Rick compares three types of storage virtualization, server based, SAN based, and controller based. While he does acknowledge that controller based virtualization is "intimately connected to the storage arrays" and does [...]

On April 3, 2006, HDS announced the Hitachi Global Link Manager (PDF) which enables centralized management for multipath data connections across multiple servers which greatly simplifies alternate storage path management in a complex SAN. HDS also announced the AMS1000 modular disk array (PDF) which extends the AMS product line to 208GB of capacity, increased cache [...]

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