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Archive for March, 2006

Let’s say you are in a strange city, Like San Diego, and some one knocks on your hotel room door. Instead of throwing the door wide open, in this day and age, we issue a challenge. “who’s there?”

Some 40 to 45% of the USP platforms are sold with the Universal Volume Manager software which enables a USP to discover and access LUNs from external storage that is connected through its FC ports. Once this is done the USP can migrate volumes between internal storage and external storage and between different external storage [...]

CeBit: New Products

Last Thursday and Friday I was at CeBit, the worlds largest trade fair for information and telecommunications technology in Hanover Germany. They expect to get over a million people between March 9 and 15. I was there to support the Hitachi/HDS stand in Hall 1.  While I was too busy to see any of the [...]

The 2006 Winter Olympics is over and the next one will be in Vancouver in 2010. Some of the athletes who competed this year will return, but very few will be able to compete in a third Olympic. One of the most famous skiers in the world is Rosi Mittermeier of Germany who competed in [...]

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