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Archive for February, 2006

I love the sound of the Italian Language, as it rolls trippingly off the tongue. "razionalizzazione dello storage". I love it more when I understand it and it agrees with what I have been preaching for some time. The translation is "rationalization of storage". I believe that CAGR for storage of 50% to 100% is [...]

Last week I had the pleasure to meet our reseller partners in Central Eastern Europe and Middle East Mediterranean Area at an event in Istanbul. Together they make up the largest geographical area in HDS with the richest diversity of cultures. Istanbul was the perfect venue with its rich mixture of Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Christian [...]

Brian Garrett of ESG believes that future storage controllers will be composed of cluster based storage controllers instead of the enterprise class storage controllers from EMC, HDS, and IBM. He observes that many emerging storage controllers use commodity Intel servers clustered together , using Linux instead of proprietary operating systems.

I have seen some posts about my blog which assume that coments are being filtered. This probably comes from the disclaimer that appears after the post of a comment:

Mike Linett, the President of ZeroWait Corporation sent the following email to me in regards to my post on Virtualization and commoditization.

CNET published a note on February 2, that EMC will announce this week that they will be giving away their GSX Server, which runs on host windows or Linux operating systems and allows guest operating systems to run on top in "virtual" machines. This move could benefit VMWare, by locking in their lead in server [...]

Name that Tune

I came across the following  posting from HGST, and thought it might be interesting, if you haven’t already heard this before. It identifies the sounds of defective disk drives. You won’t hear these sounds in storage subsystems since they will have been preemptively spared out before the noise becomes noticable. Unfortunately if this noise is [...]

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