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Archive for January, 2006

Last week EMC announced that they will be shipping a 500GB Low Cost FC disk in their new large capacity DMX-3. This system will contain 2400 disk drives. With 500GB disks that will hold a petabyte of data! All within one frame. Three or four years from now when Terabyte capacity disks will be the [...]

I get no respect

Recently I had occasion to speak at a reseller event. During the presentation I noticed one young lady who seemed to be listening intently to my every word, nodding her head whenever I made a point about TagmaStore technology. With this type of feedback, I felt sure I was really getting through to this audience. [...]

A recent comment to Drunkendata by an end user Snig points out that due to the "inter-twangle" of applications, the biggest issue or problem for application recovery is that he can’t recover all his "inter-twangled" applications to the same point in time (or very close to it). This requires him to spend a lot of [...]

Lucas Mearien of Computer World reported that ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc, will no longer send data tapes to its credit reporting bureaus after one of its tapes went missing. The company’s CEO Thomas Goldstien is quoted as saying “the company will encrypt data and send it over secure networks when possible..”

Terry Sweeney posted Welcome to the Data Theft Bowl about the same time I noticed that my Marriott Vacation Club International membership information may have become more internationally known than I intended. He notes that the industries commitment to data privacy and responsible handling of sensitive personal information appears to be lip service, and few [...]

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