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Health and Life Sciences

The Advantages and Benefits of Erasure Coding in the HCP S10

We recently announced the HCP S10 Storage node as part of our HCP portfolio of object storage solutions. See my previous post on the changes that the S10 introduced in the way that we access, manage and protect data. S10 [...]

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Healthcare Cloud Solution Checklist

Ultimately there are certain minimum requirements that providers need to consider when evaluating a healthcare cloud provider. Without these considerations, providers will put their services at risk and fail to realize the full potential of cloud technology. Security To overcome [...]

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My EMR Is LIVE, So Where Is My Data?

As we near the final phases of the HITECH Act in the coming months, I’m starting to see more and more news (and having first hand conversations) as to why this adoption curve is going so slowly—and how it’s really [...]

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Benefits of Cloud Adoption for Healthcare

This is part three in a series on cloud technologies in healthcare. You can read the previous two here. While many challenges have contributed to slow adoption of the cloud, there are equally as many benefits for providers to embrace [...]

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The Role of Cloud in Improving Patient Care

This is the first in a series of posts discussing the role that cloud technologies play in the healthcare market. It is no secret that healthcare organizations lag behind most other industries in adopting new technologies—by some estimates by as [...]

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With All The Talk Around Cloud

With all of the talk around the cloud and healthcare’s  increasing movement toward adopting cloud technology, there are some issues that any organization must ensure have been addressed that are unique to healthcare. It should be understood that it is [...]

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Google Health Dies – What Next?

Back in 2008, Google launched its health platform – Google Health. It was an attempt to allow patients to control their own health record by uploading records to a Google site, and then granting privileges to their physician—thus making their [...]

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RSNA 2011 – Meaningful Use and Cloud Took a Back Burner to ‘Imaging’

Renee Stacey, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager of Health and Life Sciences at HDS, accompanied me to RSNA 2011 last week. It was a great show, and Renee asked if she could contribute a recap for the blog. Take it away, [...]

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Unstructured Data in Life Sciences

Unstructured data is a major challenge in the life sciences market. Unstructured data, by its very definition, is difficult to analyze as it doesn’t fit into a relational database. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations live and die by their ability to [...]

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Big Data in Healthcare

Being in the healthcare space my entire career, I had no idea what all the fuss was about when Big Data started to be the topic of the day. Sounded like a large file to me – mammography images can [...]

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Cloud Maturity Model In Healthcare

Now I don’t like to steal titles or concepts from other companies but at my last company we had a concept of a Multi-site Maturity Model and I think the same “maturity model” concept works for healthcare and our cloud offering. [...]

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Beyond Vendor Neutral Archiving

In today’s hypercompetitive healthcare environments, driving cost control is paramount and healthcare providers, payers and vendors must reduce cost while increasing the quality of care. Patient-centric technologies are at the core of the solution. These technologies necessitate clinical integration using [...]

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Scale and Intelligence – Here’s the meat.

John Furrier of Silicon Angle published an insightful review of the Cisco announcement last week. He noted that Cisco did a great job on the social media news release for this launch with many of the partners posting blogs supporting [...]

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An Amazing Week of Content and Context

Last week was a busy one with travels between Amsterdam, Sefton Park, UK, and Brussels, replete with 4:30 am wake up calls for early morning flights between countries and late night dinners. But it has been an amazing week filled [...]

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How do we virtualize? Let me count the ways

When most IT managers talk about virtualization, they are thinking of server virtualization. More and more IT managers, however, are focusing on storage virtualization.  Given storage virtualization comes in many forms and combination of forms, I’d thought it would be [...]

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An interview with Dave Wilson: HDS and HIMSS 2011

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will know Dave Wilson as a co-author for Storage STAT. Dave came from the hospital environment, so he really brings a valuable perspective that is customer-centric. Dave has been instrumental [...]

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Virtualization is the way of the future? It is now.

When you spend as much time in an airport as I do, you will appreciate it when I say that you meet all kinds of interesting people when you are playing hurry-up-and-wait.  More and more, I spend my time chatting [...]

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Top 5 Myths About Vendor Neutral Archives

A Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), according to Mike Cannavo of Image Management Consultants, is defined as a standards-based archive that works independent of the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) provider storing all data in non-proprietary, interchange formats. A VNA [...]

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Vendor Neutral Archive Baloney

Having cleared the holidays and now firmly back at work, I finally have found some time to reflect on this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago. For those in regular attendance, we have weathered the “Client-Server”, [...]

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Metadata and Healthcare

In the coming weeks and months the importance of metadata in healthcare will start to evolve and we will see an increasing amount of discussion and product development start to occur. What is metadata and why will it be so [...]

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