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This week Gartner announced its latest “Magic Quadrant” report for blade servers.  Once again Hitachi Blade servers are included in the report, and once again Hitachi’s position on the chart has moved upwards and to the right; improving in both “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute”.

Today’s discussion is a continuation of my last blog post, in which I introduced the concept of pervasive computing.

A colleague and I were recently visiting a customer to solicit some feedback about our future roadmaps.  During the meeting, he made a comment related to Legos.  Our customer mentioned that all of his vendors come in and show him the individual Legos that they sell (server, integrated networking, storage, software, etc.) but nobody can [...]

There has been a lot of positive reaction to our unified compute announcement from last week.  However there were very interesting words from both 3PAR and Storagebod about our announcement in their blogs.  (As for 3PAR, well like NetApp they don’t have any kind of a server business in their back pocket — we’ll get [...]

Today, Hitachi Data Systems announced the Hitachi unified compute platform. You’ve probably heard about “converged infrastructure” or “unified stacks” which are typically a combination of server, storage, and network components pooled together as an integrated unit and assigned as a business resource. Hitachi Data Systems is taking this concept to the next level by adding [...]

Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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