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I can’t help but enjoy reading some of the comments, debates and other various blog articles on optical storage technologies, especially on technology durability and media longevity, even more when compared to tape storage for long-term digital archiving or as a slightly active data repository. Back in November 2011, I wrote a blog on the [...]

Horizontal-UVM – Step 1: Setup and Copy-less Data Distribution So it’s been about a month since my last post, sorry about that, but I’ve been working on several exciting projects that has me quite booked up as far as time goes. One of these projects I can actually share with you. I shared this concept [...]

McBlu-ray I have a soft spot for disruptive innovation or game-changing technology. I like to see the establishment tossed around and turned upside-down a bit. Not from an anarchist point-of-view, but from a change-is-good perspective. Of the disruptive attributes that we typically focus on in technology, cost reduction, performance, reliability and ease-of-use, aka, user friendly, [...]

Chips or Pits – How do you like your content? I thought I’d change the theme of my blogs a bit and discuss movies and consumer technology. Movies in regards to both content delivery medium such as movies and shows on DVD and/or Blu-ray, and storylines that attempt to predict the future. Of course my [...]

Over at the American Scientist web site is a rather lengthy, but fascinating article on information archival and preservation.  I highly recommend that you take the time to read this article as  for me it really hit home as I transition from an old to a new laptop.  Basically I start having all of these [...]

Trains, Tapes and Roadmaps I’m writing this blog while heading to the Narita Airport from Yokohama on the brand new Narita Express. This new train is beautiful, shiny and clean with 180 degree rotating seats. All the things you expect from brand new equipment. Though I thought the old Narita Express train wasn’t too bad [...]

The Storage Playoff on the Industry’s Proving Grounds The pressure is on for team Performance Disks which lists on its roster 10Krpm and 15Krpm magnetic disk drives in various capacities with FC/SAS interfaces. The challengers are the  dynamic duo of FC/SAS interfaced Solid State Disks and high capacity – good enough performance – SATA interfaced [...]

YAAA! – Yet Another Automobile Analogy It’s dangerous for me to own one which is why I drive a truck, but I love fast cars. Whether production, stock, or home made, fast cars are always intriguing, challenging and sexy. I especially enjoy reading facts like this from Car and Driver, “…the Veyron’s fuel consumption at [...]

Makes about as much sense as IP over avian carriers.  Seriously if I look on the Top500 super computer list I can see an emerging trend towards hybrid/many core computing with the combination of vertical and horizontal scaling — sometimes called Cartesian scaling or scale-up and scale-out.  There is still a lingering hangover in the [...]

  Storage Fusion – StoraFgUeSION – SfTuOsRiAoGnE “HybridStorage” refers to the mix of flash and magnetic storage medias blended together to increase performance and efficiency. This particular effort is part of the HybridStorage Alliance to promote and educate the industry on the benefits and advantages of this approach. While I’m not personally involved in this [...]

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Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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