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As my first guest blogger, Matthew O’Keefe, PhD provides the conclusion to his 2 part blog on accelerating NAS with hardware by describing the hardware implementation of hardware pipelining.

Today, I get to introduce my first guest blogger, Matthew O’Keefe, PhD. My colleague Matt will discuss hardware accelerating the various components of NAS systems, specifically Hitachi NAS (HNAS, aka BlueArc Mercury), in a multi-part series. Matt’s expertise is in scale-out file systems and kernel development, so you might want to read this thoroughly. Since [...]

I can’t help but enjoy reading some of the comments, debates and other various blog articles on optical storage technologies, especially on technology durability and media longevity, even more when compared to tape storage for long-term digital archiving or as a slightly active data repository. Back in November 2011, I wrote a blog on the [...]

I’d like to start a series of blogs on digital archiving over the next few weeks—primarily, I’ll be making some statements and asking questions. In this first installment, I want to know what is your archive type? Over the past year, I have been talking with customers and have come to a simple set of [...]

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with John Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions Strategy and Development at HDS. John and I discussed a variety of topics, including Hitachi’s organization design depth and expertise, along with where we can make investments that make a difference. John also tackles tough questions about what Hitachi does [...]

…and it is our sincere desire to Inspire Your Next Insight.  The reveal of our infrastructure, content and information clouds exposes a framework to help our customers and the market get to that next “ah ha” moment.

While having dinner in Waltham, Massachusetts the other night with a table of smart people, the topic of commodities came up.

In a July post on the Techno-Musings blog, we made the case for keeping content/data in its original, unaltered form. More specifically when an application stores data/content in a non-obfuscated mode, it is possible to unleash the true power of the content. This is a key tenet by which Hitachi lives and breathes-ensuring that application

“Project Carrot” is officially complete! As Michael Hay recounted, our relationship with BlueArc has been an exciting journey over the past 5 years; a journey that we dubbed internally as “Project Carrot”. As you know by now, Project Carrot set out to evaluate and choose the NAS technology that would become HNAS. A small team [...]

These are exciting times we live in, indeed! Steve Jobs has officially resigned his post. HP has opened their kimono to enterprise focused strategy leaving behind WebOS and the PC business. And today we celebrate combining the innovative talent of BlueArc with the Hitachi family.

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