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Modernize IT or Fail

IT can be a weakness or a strength to its business. Almost every industry is witnessing dramatic changes in its business, and IT has a critical role to play in the business’ growth and in some cases, even its survival. A European retailer, after 40 years in business modernized their IT solutions to make real-time decisions and fast execution to increase profits and eliminate waste. Leading telecommunication companies are finding new revenue streams by expanding IT as-a-service offerings to their customers. New IT models with cloud and converged systems are challenging the status quo and rewarding astute CIOs, while leaving behind the ones that are unprepared.

So how do CIOs separate the winners in bringing solutions to meet their company goals in rapidly changing environments? In the past, lowering cost meant simply using commodity hardware; and agility meant deploying new software capabilities – some with high licensing cost – while still depending on expensive solutions to maintain high availability, performance and scale. Integration and optimization was either left to IT professionals or to professional services that can be unaffordable for many.

Hitachi took a different solution strategy for its converged solutions and integrates enterprise class systems and software, optimized for specific or general purpose workloads and automation with end to end infrastructure orchestration software. This Intel Xeon X86-based open systems not only delivers agility, automation, and availability only comparable in mainframes or high end UNIX systems, it eliminates complexity and cut cost to enable businesses compete better and grow faster. Gartner’s recent Critical Capabilities report for High End Storage Arrays rated Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)as number one in enterprise class storage across all five use cases – consolidation, virtualization, cloud, OLTP and analytics environments.  Hitachi recently announced a new enterprise platform, Hitachi VSP G1000, which greatly extends this market lead with next generation capabilities based on Storage Virtualization Operating System. Optimizing the best of server, networking and storage is the real secret to mission critical workloads and lowering capex and opex. For instance, a highly optimized, converged solution can deliver similar IOPS and latency performance as the highest performance competition for mission critical database environments,  using about half the number of CPU cores, less space, power, cooling and software licenses and lowering the cost by 30% to 50%  of other high performance solutions.

This new generation enables fast deployment of always-on cloud infrastructure which HDS just announced, to support its customers for the next decade or more. The refreshed line of converged systems, called Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) enable state of the art automation software for servers, network and storage all in one, with servers using Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge Xeon X86 processors and Storage systems with Hitachi’s new Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) software.

Customers are finding, to their amazement, that enterprise class converged systems can cost less than commodity products due to advanced capabilities that drive down system and management cost by large factor.  HDS is basically rewriting the rules of the game by offering high end features that drive down cost without sacrificing always on, automated and agile solutions.

A New Jersey based service provider , offering mission critical SAP application services to its business clients is rapidly growing its business by providing competitive cloud based workloads.  Hitachi UCP enables this provider to focus on growing its business and its expertise in SAP apps rather than being slowed down with legacy technologies that are complex to scale and manage, not to mention expensive to acquire and maintain.  Businesses are making important decisions to modernize their IT with the right solutions and grow their business faster in a business defined IT era.

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