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World’s Most Ethical Company

By David Karas

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” ― Aristotle

Last night, in New York City, several of the world’s top companies, including Microsoft, Intel, Google, Adobe, Ford Motor Company and Cisco were recognized as the World’s Most Ethical Companies. Receiving the recognition right along with them was Hitachi Data Systems! If you have a good memory you’ll remember that I announced the same result for HDS last year.  And if your memory is really good, (and you’re keeping score) this is the 4th year in a row HDS has received this award.

On any given day, take out a pair of scissors and a copy of your favorite newspaper. I realize you probably get your news online, but play along. Start by cutting out the articles about companies embroiled in investigations. Snip out the blurbs about questionable business dealings, graft and corruption. Remove the articles about companies being fined and by-lines about executives being indicted for illegal activities. Now close the newspaper. Chances are you’ll be able to read straight through to the sports section without leaving the front page (or the stock prices if you are reading the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times)!

The point is, in the current legal and regulatory environment it seems far too easy for multi-national companies to become the subject of negative publicity.  It seems far more difficult for companies to act consistently and in a manner that displays adherence to ethics and values.  To maintain a program and act in a manner that garners accolades for ethical behavior establishes HDS a trusted partner and distinguishes us from our competition in a meaningful way.

Being awarded World’s Most Ethical Company for the fourth straight year displays excellence and is an award that is shared among all HDS colleagues. It’s becoming a habit of which you should be proud!



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