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Hitachi Content Platform Object Store Earns Top Marks from Gartner

As you may have read in my colleague Steve Garone’s blog post in our Hitachi Data Systems Community site, the industry is abuzz with object storage reports, articles and events such as the upcoming Next Gen Object Storage Summit for which HDS is a sponsor. This week, yet another analyst has weighed in on this topic, and according to Gartner’s new Critical Capabilities for Object Storage report, by Arun Chandrasekaran and Alan Dayley:Critical Capabilities for Object Storage Report

I couldn’t agree more. Nor would I disagree with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) being top rated in overall score, which was assessed across archiving, cloud storage and content distribution, or their recognition that HCP offers the most robust security of any object store they reviewed. (No surprise, I’m sure…)

Product Ratings and Viability Assesment on Critical Capabilities

We are thrilled that Gartner sees the value of the HCP object storage platform, and that they recognize there is more to the story than the object store itself.  While the platform excels on its own merits, the real beauty of Hitachi Data Systems solution is the integrated portfolio of HCP, Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere and Hitachi Data Ingestor. The trio of integrated offerings deliver simplified file sharing and for remote and branch office employees, instant access and easy collaboration for mobile workforce and corporate users, all while supporting a growing number of cloud and traditional applications. It is this integration that makes Hitachi Data Systems’ object storage solutions so compelling for our 800+ customers around the world and inspires the deployment of roughly 150PB of storage behind their HCPs. The security, simplicity and smarts of the HCP Portfolio means they did not have to rewrite existing applications, spend hundreds of hours and piles of money to make it work, or force users to learn new tools and processes, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved productivity.

Hitachi Data Systems Object Storage Portfolio

And Gartner is not alone in recognizing this. Enrico Signoretti at Juku writes: “At the end of the day [the Hitachi Content Platform] is the only product on the market that can offer a complete set of end-to-end solutions from the object store to the gateways, all directly supported by a primary storage vendor.” Also, a recent 451 Research piece noted customers are “Looking at object-based storage in remote offices – the idea you can have a caching mechanism without a huge footprint is very appealing” and that “HDS’ object-based storage is something we’re also interested in.” Even Verizon is convinced that the HCP Portfolio is the right solution for their Enterprise Cloud offerings.

So, if you are thinking about object storage like just about everyone else these days, be sure to give HCP strong consideration. We believe you’ll see what those 800+ customers know to be true.



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