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Hitachi Proud To Be Elected a Gold Member of the OpenStack Community

We are pleased to share the news today that Hitachi has been elected to Gold Membership of the OpenStack Foundation at the Hong Kong summit. By becoming a gold member, Hitachi joins other industry vendors to help “achieve the OpenStack Foundation Mission by Protecting, Empowering and Promoting OpenStack software and the community around it, including users, developers, and the entire ecosystem.” Our election to the OpenStack community as a gold member is an extension of our philosophy of helping IT develop a truly Software Defined Data Center that is open and flexible.

Our Gold membership is a part of our accelerated participation in the OpenStack community. In June, Hitachi joined the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network, and in August we announced our formal participation as a corporate sponsor. Our subsequent code contribution is now included in the latest Havana release.

Hitachi has a long and productive history of supporting the open source community.  Hitachi created an industry-leading operating environment for Linux applications, and as a Linux Foundation member (formerly Open Source Development Laboratory), we provide the development environment for open source projects focused on making Linux enterprise ready as well as participate in performance and reliability assessments and tool development for Linux.  Our contributions to open source software include Linux kernel tracing infrastructure (SystemTap), Disk Allocation Viewer for Linux (DAVL), Branch Tracer for Linux (btrax), and others. In addition, Hitachi has done extensive work with Red Hat to provide hardware level virtualization technology on LPAR’s for KVM stacks.

Hitachi is now building on its commitment to open source through its involvement with OpenStack. Hitachi provides open cloud architectures to give IT more control over security and governance, the ability to leverage existing IT assets and to provide interoperability with a variety of infrastructure components, applications, and devices to create “best of breed” cloud while avoiding vendor lock-in. In addition to OpenStack, Hitachi also provides private cloud delivery solutions based on VMware and Microsoft.

Hitachi private clouds are built on a secure, fully consolidated and virtualized foundation – a single platform for all workloads, data and content. IT departments choose private cloud infrastructures to control and protect their data assets, but in many cases they have an eye toward hybrid clouds so they can take advantage of the flexibility and elasticity of public clouds, depending on the workloads and application requirements. For IT, openness is in part represented by their ability to leverage a variety of cloud delivery models.

This openness is also reflected in the degree to which customers can reach out beyond their data centers to leverage portals, management and open source frameworks, infrastructure components (provided by Hitachi as well as third parties), and other cloud environments to safely and securely create best-of-breed functionality for their stakeholders. We accomplish this by providing APIs, widely used and standards-based interfaces (such as Amazon S3 and REST), as well as other access methods and protocols.

Our support and involvement with OpenStack is another example of the company’s goal to provide IT with private cloud solutions that are more virtualized, more secure and more open. Our reputation as a vendor of robust cloud-enabled platforms and our large global install base will help further establish OpenStack as a viable private cloud framework.

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