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Intelligent Platforms: The Cornerstone of Next Generation IT Innovation

As we listen to our customers who live and breathe in the data center, there is a growing need for intelligent platforms, a platform that:

  • can expand or shrink with the demand fluctuation,
  • can heal on its own,
  • can be programmed,
  • is available 24/7 anywhere, any device

You’re probably seeing an overarching theme across HDS around enabling our next generation platforms to intelligently react with information in the platforms. As our CEO Jack puts it we Innovate with Information.  Software Defined Data Center, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management are some of the current aspects of the IT industry that help make these intelligent platforms real.

Hitachi Data Systems has always innovated and contributed to society in a sustainable way.  Our recent launch of Hitachi UCP solutions is a great example of this effort. The work done with Hitachi UCP Pro for VMware vSphere not only allows our customers to leverage their investments in VMware infrastructures, but also arms them with REST API to programmatically talk to UCP. Look for a subsequent post from me on this topic.

As we innovate and enable customers to be ready for their future needs, we value the role our technology and channel partners play and we continue to work with them as we add more intelligence into our platforms. A great example for this is the recent launch of UCP Select with Cisco UCS servers, bringing Cisco’s server technology to our customers and empower our channel to add additional value.

From an IT platform point of view there are clearly some major movements happening in the industry– such as OpenStack, flash technologies, unified storage, unified fabric, and big data, and HDS will continue to make contributions in all of those areas. I have the privilege of shaping some of these efforts by playing the new role as CTO of Intelligent Platforms. I am honored and humbled by this new role and I hope to use this blog as a forum to engage with you all and to bring some technology insights into various efforts as we evolve. Speaking of OpenStack – I’ll also be writing about some of the near term activities we are doing in this area. Stay tuned and until then, here is another perspective on the Intelligent Platforms from our good friend Krishnan Subramanian.


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