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Here’s the Beef

Having grown up in the 80s I recall fondly Wendy’s famous commercials with the charismatic woman pondering “where’s the beef”. In the included video she ends with, “I don’t think there’s anybody there.  I really don’t.”  The trip down memory lane got me thinking about some things that are going on in the industry this week. Some are hidden, but meaty. Others well, there’s a lot of bun in the message and it makes me want to proclaim from a rooftop, “WHERE’S THE BEEF? HANG ON, IS ANYBODY THERE?”

In the spirit of exposing hidden but meaty things, I do want to reference two visionary gems.

  • HDS joins PARC in the Emerging Networks Consortium – Being as this year is the 40th anniversary of the Ethernet I’m particularly proud of this effort. The guys at PARC are beyond smart and have had a tremendous impact on our industry. Again we are working now to make sure that in the years ahead our customers are going to get the best and we are well poised to meet key partners, like Brocade and Cisco, to realize a future with clear benefits.
  • Hitachi MRI Scanners Ranked #1 for 3rd Consecutive Year – While at-a-glance this may not be relevant to HDS customers today, a hidden fact with stellar MRI capabilities is that for Hitachi to do well here we have to be super smart about image processing. That is because sharper images save lives, and this creates a pocket of capability we can leverage through open innovation with our customers.

These visionary beefy nuggets aside, I think that there is another big bun that Hitachi’s “Wagyu beef burger” more than covers: pervasive data center-wide software defined storage services. Truthfully, our Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) virtualizes our killer private cloud storage offering (Hitachi Content Platform, HCP) and addresses Hitachi, EMC, NetApp or DAS capacity because it can be delivered as a virtual machine appliance. Further, using our UCP Director software our users can orchestrate Hitachi’s current and future (that’s a really big hint)cutting-edge software defined offerings on award-winning Hitachi infrastructure.

Speaking of Hitachi infrastructure, this is another area we’ve been innovating in for years. We innovated separation of the control and data planes within the block storage infrastructure layer and Hitachi has subsequently cascaded this approach in our Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) and HCP offerings. Moreover, a deeper look at our Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) and its little brother Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS-VM) reveals a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) ensuring a high degree of flexibility in our choice of physical infrastructure — hmm…I wonder where that is going.

So this week if you’re spellbound by a ringleader’s sizzling showmanship while he announces the latest hijinks of the Bourne clown troupe masquerading as a fire brigade to “save the storage world as we know it,” pause and ask “where’s the beef?” If you ask this question, and I believe you will, I have an answer for you and it is coming later this month.

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