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A couple of weeks ago we held our annual HDS Influencer Summit – so titled because it is a gathering of IT industry influencers that span the financial analyst, industry analyst and social media guru/blogger communities.  One day spent together so folks can hear and see some of the latest and greatest things coming out of HDS.  This time we dived deeper into some things we have cooking with our sister companies within Hitachi (that pleasantly surprised many and appeared to get the Twittersphere humming).  As many heard and saw that day, we have been executing towards a vision that enables businesses to harness and leverage the power of information for competitive advantage.  The scope of technologies and services we are bringing to bear encompass the breadth of Hitachi capabilities in delivering what we call “Social Innovation”.  As Mark Peters recently observed, “It’s not about an IT stack (however complete and wonderful) sold into a vertical….its about “big” Hitachi serving/selling an entire vertical (business) ‘stack.’”  It’s a big vision that perhaps just a few companies in the world have the ability to pursue.

At the same time we outlined how our business performance continues to outpace the market.   We were pleased to report our Q2 financials (ending September 30), which continued a string of twelve consecutive record growth quarters – in Q2 we grew 11% year-over-year.  The diversification of our portfolio continues with 50% of revenues coming from software and services, and our file/content solutions growing in triple digits from a year ago this time.  I could go on with more figures, but hopefully you get the picture relative to our success.

Looking forward to the near term we anticipate continued changes in not only how customers consume technology and services but also dramatic innovations in the technology itself.  As Hu Yoshida outlines in his 2013 predictions, we can expect to see continued shifts in customers’ CAPEX/OPEX mix as capacity demands steadily grow while advances and usage of the technology available to manage them (such as virtualization) become more prevalent.  In fact, as Hu points out, the consumption models that customers are interested in leveraging to handle technology CAPEX demands will evolve dramatically towards more per-unit based acquisition through cloud and/or vendor managed service offerings.  In parallel, expect to see continued innovation (as demanded by customers) in mid-range systems, flash storage, truly “converged” stacks of infrastructure and very importantly the scalability and automation in object-based file systems to support the explosion in unstructured content and the demands of big data analytics.

Innovation now, with an eye towards a vision for the future, is essential in any journey that leads to something truly unique.  We will continue to learn from you our customers, partners and industry observers but we can’t hide our excitement about where we can go.

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