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My EMR Is LIVE, So Where Is My Data?

As we near the final phases of the HITECH Act in the coming months, I’m starting to see more and more news (and having first hand conversations) as to why this adoption curve is going so slowly—and how it’s really only the first step in providing greater access to clinical information.My EMR Is Live, so Where is My Data?

As clinicians and health professionals across the nation are logging into their EMRs for the first time, they are quickly discovering that the “promised land” leaves them with a convenient but spotty view of the very information they desire.

Is this really a surprise, with only 30% of clinical data being neatly structured into efficient rows, tables and databases, and the other 70% of the data sitting in imaging files, wave forms, clinical reports and such? This is like driving a car where you can only see 30% of the windshield.

To be sure, EMR adoption is a major first step forward, but until we tackle the interoperability of these systems with the “other 70%”, it is going to be a long climb.

Here are a few interesting pieces I’ve found on similar topics:

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