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Archive for November, 2011

For everyone that celebrates the holiday, Happy [late!] Thanksgiving. The week of Thanksgiving in the US is a great time to catch-up on many of those little work chores that pile up or slip through the cracks while traveling and prioritizing big tasks ahead of fun work stuff. This morning I was catching up on some HDS Industry [...]

The week before last we had our first Influencer Summit in San Jose, CA that brought together analysts, bloggers and trusted advisors. I really enjoyed Frank Wilikinson’s blog from the event regarding something we heard a lot that day, You Guys Do That?! This got me to thinking about the unexpected and another comment that [...]

Unstructured data is a major challenge in the life sciences market. Unstructured data, by its very definition, is difficult to analyze as it doesn’t fit into a relational database. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations live and die by their ability to analyze this unstructured data, and studies show that the average company makes decisions based on [...]

A Brief Visit to SC11

Initially, I wasn’t planning to attend SC11, especially since this week I had several other meetings to participate in. However, as is common in this industry, I ended up heading to Seattle to meet with several people and companies at SC11 at the last minute for the day. I was able get into the exhibit [...]

Last week was the inaugural HDS Influencer Summit, convened in downtown San Jose. This event included financial analysts, industry analysts and key industry bloggers. It is interesting that the majority (maybe all) of these attendees are related to the storage industry in some fashion. There are several blogs detailing the event and explaining the resounding [...]

Last week HDS held its inaugural Influencer Summit in San Jose, California. It was a very big deal for our company, not to mention our invited guests, who by all accounts were about to get the one, two punch! (In a good way).

The inaugural Influencer Summit 2011 was a tremendous success! Industry and financial analysts as well as some key bloggers traveled from all over to meet with HDS and spend a day, plus some, talking strategy, industry and futures. Although the agenda was packed, I was able to do a short recap on HDS cloud announcment. [...]

Fall is in the air, but HDS will be turning up the heat in San Jose this week with our first analyst day. Kicking off on Thursday, November 10th, HDS will host two days of executive presentations, financial updates, and updates on our product strategy from CEO Jack Domme and other key HDS leaders. Throughout [...]

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with John Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions Strategy and Development at HDS. John and I discussed a variety of topics, including Hitachi’s organization design depth and expertise, along with where we can make investments that make a difference. John also tackles tough questions about what Hitachi does [...]

Being in the healthcare space my entire career, I had no idea what all the fuss was about when Big Data started to be the topic of the day. Sounded like a large file to me – mammography images can be 60Mb each – and aside from the potential joke about large mammo images, what [...]

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Data Center Advisors

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